‘A Great Little Place’ is a social enterprise operated by Autism Ventures, a subsidiary of the charity Autism Initiatives UK, who provide a range of autism centred services throughout the UK.

About Autism Initiatives

Founded in the early 1970s in the Merseyside region, Autism Initiatives is a parent-led charity and a member of both the Autism Alliance and the Confederation of Service Providers for People with Autism (CoSPPA).

Mission Statement

Autism Initiatives mission is to meet the needs of people with autism, their families and carers by providing a range of services which are personal, professional and innovative.

How to donate to Autism Initiatives

Understanding needs

We have a real understanding of the need for, and the importance of, involving both service users and stakeholders in the delivery and development of their service. We have developed systems and approaches to facilitate involvement at a level where service users can experience success and gain ownership of their services. The organisation prides itself on its person-centred approaches. Throughout our organisation we consider it vital that we get to know the person with an autism spectrum condition, and also understand how their autism impacts on their life. We feel that every person with autism is unique, and that their autism impacts on them uniquely.

As a consequence of these values, we take an eclectic approach to the resources that we use to support somebody, for example in the area of communication. We recognise the undoubted strengths and skills that people with autism possess in many areas, and utilise these strengths to support any areas of difficulty that they may experience.

As a result of our innovative work and approach, the organisation has expanded from its original base on Merseyside to provide services to children and adults throughout England, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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